Weight No More

How often have you reduced your weight, finally fit into those ‘skinny’ jeans, only to put that weight back on again… and then some?

Are you aware that habits, whether based around food or not, can be eliminated as easily as they were formed with only a little bit of effort?

Now you CAN take back control of your life and begin to feel better as you realise your weight will begin to fade away … Giving you a new sense of pride and a slimmer look. 

Lets face it, we all have to eat, without food we cannot sustain our health, but what few people are aware of is that eating habits are formed throughout our lifetime and are linked to emotions.

Previous ‘losers’ said

“I have been listening to other people in my office who are on different weight loss programmes and they are all talking continuously about what they can and can’t have; they’re obsessed with food. I’m glad I don’t have to be like that now because I know I can eat what I want”.

“This has been easier than I thought.”

“I am not just making healthier choices for me, but for my daughter too because of the things I have learnt about why we eat.”

The Full cost of Weight No More is just £100; lets put that into perspective. How much have you spent on gym membership that you used for 3 months, then paid for months afterwards with the ‘intention’ of going back? How much do you spend on food that you don’t really need but eat anyway? 

Now it’s time to invest in your future!

You already know weight loss can be an elusive goal. Now find out why! Goals, willpower, fad diets, and a positive mental attitude are NOT enough to take inches off; in short, they don’t work and never will.

This is not just a weight reduction programme, this is an opportunity to gain a more positive and healthier lifestyle!

Imagine losing all the weight you want while eating your favourite foods, and learning a brand-new way to satisfy your emotional needs at the same time.

In other words… Pleasure!

This amazing and unique 4-week course will take you through the process of re-programming your mind, so you can create new stimulus responses to food and your hunger urges, most importantly, it addresses the core reasons why weight has stayed on.

You will benefit from –

4, two-hour classes; your own book containing all the information you need to be successful; access to MP3’s for positive suggestion; access to your coach throughout the course via email and text; become part of your classes Facebook group for peer support, all for only £100!!

To secure your place pay a 50%, non-refundable deposit today! ….introduce a friend and you will both get a 10% discount!

To secure your place, gain a healthy lifestyle and become a more positive, happier you…


(Non-refundable deposit of £50 will secure your place with the balance due at the first class)


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