Hypnotherapy Exam Nerves

Hypnoanalysis is, in my opinion and experience, one of the most effective ways to clear negative emotions which linger from past events and/or experiences. During a typical session you will be put into a deep state of relaxation and then asked to think of a time in your life when you experienced similar emotions to the ones challenging you now. Your deep mind will allow you to see/feel/hear those memories and/or memory representations and moving from one occurrence to another will find a sensitising event where the negative emotions where first deemed necessary.

There is very little input from the therapist during these sessions because it is important to allow the deep mind to find its own way to the initial sensitising event, however the therapist will be analysing the information to make connections between the events/memories which the deep mind recalls.

This is an emotive process and only a therapist trained in hypnoanalysis should conduct these sessions.


The word ‘regression’ in this context refers to the ability to regress back to childhood, or beyond to discover the reasons why you repeat responses and behaviours. You learn fear and phobia in your formative years and so it is during this time that neural pathways develop in the Amygdala (the section of the brain responsible for detecting fear and preparing for emergency events) and become stronger over time.

During a typical session of regression work, you would be guided back to a time when you were younger and then directed to explore the memories/memory representations from those years with the aim of gaining better insight into the behaviours you have now you have matured and to release the emotions attached to those events.

Past Life Regression (PLR) is also a popular way to develop a better understanding of who you are today, and a PLR session can be booked on request.

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking


Hypnotherapy Fear & Phobia

In life we are continuously being primed* through unconscious suggestion because our minds are responsive to outside influence, sometimes these influences are positive, sometimes negative; the priming from our past can powerfully influence our present and future behaviour.

Hypnotic suggestion is a form of priming, it is a very powerful way of changing the way you think and feel. By creating imagery and building positive thought processes through supportive, encouraging and beneficial suggestion, behavioural and emotional change can be achieved. Hypnotic suggestion can be used for all kinds of different life challenges and is an add-on to the other more deep-seated work done in regression and analysis work.

I teach all my clients, regardless of their life challenges, that the way they speak to themselves is of the utmost importance and I will help you learn positive self-talk so you are able to give yourself positive, helpful suggestions on a long term basis.

Like all interventions, hypnotic suggestion should only be carried out by someone who has trained in the field and knows the difference between a truly positive suggestion and a negative one.

*Priming is the implicit memory effect in which exposure to a stimulus, influences responses to the stimulus (either the same or similar) later in life. It is a technique in psychologyused to train a person's memory both in positive and negative ways.

Parts Therapy

Discovering the different parts of your personality and why they may be in conflict can help you develop self-awareness, be more accepting of who you are and build your inner confidence!

Internal conflict is something a great deal of my clients struggle with; the feeling that there are two or more parts of themselves working against each other. Some people refer to it as self-sabotage, others as the ‘devil-angel’ effect, but whatever you call it, there is a way to get those ‘parts’ of yourself working in harmony again.

Parts therapy works on the basis that each part of our personality has a voice and by allowing those individual voices to have their say we can facilitate compromise and ultimately inner peace.

Hypnotherapy Stress

Brain working Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

Hypnotherapy Confidence/Self Esteem

Phobia, what phobia? BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) which can clear a phobia in just one session!

It is a fairly new intervention which was developed by Terence Watts and has gone on to become recognised in South Africa as the go to intervention for all Psychologists and Psychiatrists. BWRT is an extremely powerful and fast working therapy for life challenges including, addiction, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), sexual abuse victims and much, much more.

To learn more about BWRT and how is works go to There is also an informative video on YouTube.

Advanced Communication Training

Learning to use more positive, effective language and take control of your reactions will give you the ability to take things in your stride and focus more clearly on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

Affective communication is not something that comes naturally to everyone, in fact, when you learn to communicate effectively it came make a world of difference to how you feel about yourself and others.

If you have that one relative you are not able to spend time with, you've fallen out with your best friend and don’t know how to repair the relationship or there is that one person who knows just how to press those emotional buttons then this training is for you.

Advanced communication training is two-fold; first it teaches you to be more aware of yourself and the way the language you use can impact on how you feel and react, and second, it teaches you to take control of your reactions, giving you the ability to communicate more effectively and avoid conflict.

And it’s not just about communicating with others, it’s also about your internal dialogue.

Hypnotherapy Depression/Anxiety