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To Suit You and Your Personal Growth

I treat a range of issues and problems that are stopping you from achieving your personal successes. From working on your mental health to fixing a phobia, our therapies are designed to help you see things from a different perspective, build your resilience, and grow in a more positive way. To book an initial consultation and determine the most effective way to move you forward, please get in touch with me.

Stress & Phobias

  •   Stress Management
  •   Work-related Stress
  •   Exam & Test Nerves
  •   Fear & Phobia

Mental Health Help

Functional Patterns

Physical Struggles

Behavioural Issues

Mental Health Services

  •   Anxiety
  •   Depression
  •   Confidence & Self Esteem
  •   Panic Attacks

Stress & Phobias

  •   Work Related Stress
  •   Exam & Test Nerves
  •   Fear & Phobias
  •   Feelings of Guilt

Lifestyle changes

  •   Sports Confidence
  •   Equine Confidence 
  •   Hypnotherapy for IBS
  •   Sleep Improvement

Behavioural Issues

  •   Procrastination
  •   Anger
  •   Habits
  •   Smoking Cessation


Reaching your goals

With over 15 years of experience, I have helped many people overcome a wide range of issues. Working on the way you self-identify helps you build a positive relationship with yourself, and achieve your goals moving forward. 


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Ready to take the first step towards self development? Book your initial consultation with me to begin your positive change process.