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The energy you bring to the interaction with your horse has a huge impact on your ability to achieve your goals.

Horses read our energy and emotional state, but they can only respond one way... like a horse! They are not stubborn or naughty, they are giving you feedback on how you are interacting with them!

If you are in transition, feeling unbalanced, unsuccessful or like you're stuck in a rut, coaching will help you achieve your goals, and give you a whole new perspective on life.. and the ability to have a more trusting and productive relationship with your beautiful 4-legged partner. 


My aim is to help you create an action plan with accountability built in, focusing on the areas of your life where you may be struggling to move forward.

I will motivate you and help you progress, empowering you to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve.

Change can be uncomfortable, so you will need desire and a commitment to start moving forward in the area of life in which you are currently stuck. The more actions you take,  the more committed you will feel, and the more full and rich your life will become.

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