Therapy is Expensive

I became a therapist in 2003. I originally qualified as a hypnotherapist but have since qualified in other areas such as Life Coaching and BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy), amongst other things. I also managed to get a First Class honours degree in Psychology, which I am extremely proud of. When I talk to people about what I do and how … Read More

Why we shouldn’t give up smoking!

Lent… the time for giving up. I read a post on Facebook today asking what everyone will be giving up for Lent and I was compelled to write about why giving up is such a bad thing to do. First let me ask you this… how does it feel when you say the words ‘Give Up’? Is it a positive … Read More

Recharge your batteries!

Today is national battery day! Who knew batteries had their own day? It’s a good opportunity to talk about ways in which you can recharge your ‘batteries’ if you’re feeling a bit run down or overwhelmed… Just taking ten minutes to be still and relax can make all the difference to how you feel; whether it’s in your lunch break … Read More

Habit formation and how to sustain it!

It is said that habits take 21 days to form, so in a matter of 3 weeks you can create a new habit or in fact lose an old one! At the beginning of the month (January) lots of people would have made a concerted effort to eat healthier, go to the gym, quit smoking and more… but how many … Read More


Ok, so most people think changing your mind is difficult but actually its only as difficult as you make it. For example: if you wanted to learn to drive a car, you would hire an instructor and practice the skills with that instructor until you were a good enough driver to take and pass your test, if you wanted to … Read More

Its all a matter of choice!

When clients first come to me for help with their life challenges they often say things like “well, I don’t have a choice” or they use the word ‘can’t’ when they describe their inability to stop doing something that no longer serves them in a positive way. A great deal of people feel like certain situations, thought processes and/or habits … Read More