Zoe Saari Hypnotherapist

Something About Me

Therapy is about you! Time for you, an investment in self and a step towards achieving success, whatever success means to you.

I have over 15 years experience supporting people as they enter into a process of change, growth and personal development. I use integrative therapautic methods; hypnosis, mindfulness, parts therapy, teaching advanced communication skills to guide and mentor my clients as they rediscover their inner strength and determination

When I was 25 I had an emotional crisis. My beautiful friend told me she was taking me to meet Terence; “who on earth is Terence?” I asked; little did I know this introduction would change my life.

When my friend told me Terence was a hypnotist, I reacted by saying I didn’t want to be ‘controlled’ by someone else, but my friend reassured me and off we went!

Of course it all sounds a bit dramatic; “it changed my life” is a bold statement but it’s absolutely true. Terence turned out to be the one and only Terence Watts, an internationally acclaimed therapist, author and developer of therapeutic methods. Terence became and still is my supervisor and mentor.

A few years after my own therapy I qualified as a therapist myself (2003) then went on to gain a First-Class Honors Degree in Psychology and have attended many courses, seminars and practiced therapy in the UK and the USA.

Member of: APHP, The British Psychological Society and NRPC.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Psychology; Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy; Diploma in Hypnoanalysis (advanced); Certificate in Life Coaching; Diploma in Life Coaching; Certificate in Mental Health Awareness. EMDR Practitioner.

DBS Enhanced Certificate

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